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Laundry Employee (clean side) for English speakers

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As an employee on the clean side of the laundry you are responsible for the processing of the clean wash. There are different steps within this mechanical proces of washing, mangle/ drying, steaming, pressing or packaging the textiles. You will be responsible for putting the dry and clean sheets into different machines. The machines will automatically iron and fold the sheets. It is important that you are a quick learner, because after a couple of working days you need to be able to do at least…. 1000 sheets per hour! That sounds a lot, but if you are able to work and learn quick, you will get a hang of it in no time! Obviously your manager and colleagues will help you if you need tips or tricks on how to work fast.

It is also important to be able to keep a good overview of the process and productivity. You are responsible for the specific part of the process you have been assigned to. The feeling of team responsibility is very essential to the overall results. You always want to push yourself to get the best results possible.

You are able to start working within 1 week (or close by one week). We prefer candidates who have already some working experience in a laundry or production environment. You are able to work fulltime from Monday until Friday.

You are also able to do hard and repetitive physical labor and don’t have any physical disabilities. We prefer candidates who have already worked with targets.

You recognize yourself in the following competences:

  • reliable
  • result-oriented
  • teamplayer
  • flexible

CleanLease is located in Eindhoven and is an industrial laundry company. They wash all the sheets for holiday resorts, elderly homes and hospitals.

A position within an enthusiastic team of employees! The salary will be in accordance with the Raltex collective employment agreement. At an age of 21 and older your salary will be €10,80 per hour. Refund of travel expenses will we in accordance with the Raltex collective employment agreement as well. You can get a refund when living further than 5km from Cleanlease (€0,14 per kilometer).