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Metalworker of aluminium parts M/ F

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  • A job in Tegelen, a part of Venlo
  • Cleaning - grinding, filing, sawing and drilling - aluminum castings for the automotive and heating industry.
  • Big and small parts are processed.
  • You process large quantities of parts.
  • The team at MGG work in 3 shifts.from Monday until Friday:
    6:00 AM to 14:00 PM
    14:00 PM to 22:00
    22.00 to 6:00 AM (starting on Sunday evening)

A lot of English or German-speaking colleagues work at MGG.
Dutch knowledge is NOT required!

  • Experience as a metalworker is necessary
  • You can/ want a practice standing and a physical job.
  • You want to work in 3-shifts.

MGG has mastered the art of shaping liquid aluminium into complex castings that are mechanically processed and assembled into high-quality products that find their way around the world.

Be it in trucks, passenger cars and motorcycles.
Be it in central heating boilers for heating our homes. In our hospitals in various medical applications.
Through the wall socket because MGG makes its contribution to the energy sector. In short, too many to mention.
MGG is a manufacturer of very precise aluminium castings and assemblies.
MGG is working on innovative solutions for customers in demanding markets from various locations in Europe's industrial core regions.

Together with about 500 colleagues you are responsible for a good quality product.

End customers include the following example: Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, Claas, Aston Martin, Scania and DAF.

  • A job for a long time,
  • Possibilities of a contract directly at MGG. (#tijdelijk contract met uitzicht op vast)
  • NET EUR +/- 1,900 - 2,000 a month.
  • NET travel allowance up to a maximum of EUR 7.20 net / equipment allowance day.
  • 8,33 % of annual holiday pay
  • Full-time job / full-time
  • You receive free work clothes and safety shoes.
  • Nearby 500 enthusiastic international colleagues.