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Production employee 5 shifts Productiemedewerker

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We are looking for a production employee for the IBC department for Mauser Benelux in Oosterhout.
Mauzer makes pallets out of steel frames that are made in the IBC department. After assembly employees place barrels of 1,000 liter on pallets.

You as a production employee IBC will be responsible for the following tasks in a day:

  • Assembling the steel pallets;
  • Finishing the steel pallets;
  • Finishing the produced steel frames;
  • Fastening the steel frames to the pallet;
  • Checking products quality after they come out of the machine;
  • Materials supply and removal;
  • Finished products supply and removal;
  • Solving minor malfunctions;
  • Ensuring a tidy work environment.

You will work in a 5 shift roster, which means that you will work 6 days in a row (2 morning shifts, 2 afternoon shifts and 2 night shifts) and then you will have 4 days off.
You will work together with other colleagues and ensure the correct quality of the end product.

You as a new production employee meet the following requirements:

  • At least 2 years of work experience in a production environment;
  • Minimum length of 1.80 meters;
  • Finished MBO training in logistics/technology;
  • You have an eye for detail.

Mauser Benelux BV is a part to the Mauser Group and is one of the largest European producers of hollow plastic products. Mauzer works on day and night, production is working 24/7. They produce cans, barrels and other hollow products using the extrusion blow molding process. Mauzer does this for lots of their clients. Most of them belong to the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry. The produced cans and barrels are used for acids, agricultural pesticides, hospitals and basic raw materials for the rubber paint and plastics industry.

When you start at Mauser, we can offer you the following;

  • A full-time position averaging 34.4 hours a week;
  • Contract for at least one year with the prospect of extension;
  • A gross hourly wage of €17.33. This salary includes a shift work allowance of 28% on each shift;
  • Travel allowance.

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