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Production worker, metal industry

Start People International Recruitment

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Start People is looking for a motivated production employee for “Verzinkerij van Aert”. We need someone with caring way of working and an eye for the detail. Our client is specialized in hot dip galvanizing of steel and its preparation for further exploitation for their clients. The steel provided by Verzinkerij van Aert comes with corrosion-resistant zinc layer. They also offer other services to their clients, like: own transport, preparation of the products for powder coating or wet painting, assembly, storage, logistics. We also offer work as a forklift driver in our storage.
Production employee at Verzinkerij van Aert is going to work fulltime 40 hours a week.The workers are distributed between the departments. Working with steel means that you need to be able to perform physically heavy activities. This is essential, especially if you work with steel that will be hot dipped and galvanized. If you already have experience with technical/production work, have a technical degree or certificated knowledge it will give you an advantage during the recruitment process.

What we expect from you?:

  • You are ready and willing to perform intensive physical work;
  • Knowledge of Dutch/German/English is essential;
  • You willing to work in 2 shifts;
  • You are available and ready to work 40 hours per week;
  • You live in close area to Weert/Nederweert (max. 45 km)
  • You have your own transport to get to work
  • You have one and preferably 2 references from previous employers.

Verzinkerij van Aert B.V. has a long history. It starts when A.F. van Aert, the grandfather of co-owner Rogier van Aert, opens a zinc smelter in 1969 in a building on Nieuwstraat in Nederweert. More than half a century later, it employs more than 120 people! It is even one of the largest independent payroll companies in the Netherlands.
Van Aert is not only a household name in the metal world; the galvanizing plant is a popular employer in Central Limburg and the Nederweert region. For many of our employees van Aert is the first employer and some of them have seen the hot dip galvanizing plant grow into the company of today. The current owners Rogier van Aert and Marjon Klop - van Hest, who took over from their fathers - Guido van Aert and Fred van Hest - in 2017 have brought a breath of fresh air. Just as their fathers did before, they are also focused on the future. For example, Van Aert has been given a modern house style and logo, and the galvanizing plant has been expanded with a new company building and an ultra-modern oven.

What do we offer?

  • Long-term work relation and permanent contract with Van Aert is possible;
  • Career opportunities and trainings in galvanizing process if you function well;
  • Care and attention for our workers is essential for us;
  • We provide you good employment condition such as the work clothes and ADV;
  • Good hourly payment. €14,26 per hour gross, this includes 16% of shift allowance and ADV);

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