Parttime courier

  • Eindhoven
  • Overig
  • Salary indication €11.75-11.85
  • 12 Hours per week
  • Parttime
  • #1AV0069850

About the job

Avoiding busy roads to ensure that customers receive their orders on time. That is your priority as a parttime courier at Red je Pakketje. That's what you're going to take care of in any way you can. Of course you do this in a van of the company and of course with your driver's license B in your pocket. You are both the business card of the web shops for which you deliver the packages and of Red je Pakketje itself. It is therefore important that you appear representative and that you always remain customer-friendly.
As a deliverer at Red je Pakketje you are responsible for the logistics process; from collecting packages from the web shops to sorting all orders and loading your bus. An average service starts around 5:00 PM at the HUB and ends around 11:00 PM at the same spot.
The most important thing is to make customers happy with their packages and deliver them to everyone on time. Especially now that the holidays are approaching, it is important that everyone can have all their presents at home on time. You can contribute to this as a part-time delivery person.
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Job requirements

  • A Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG);
  • You have your driving license B;
  • You have a love for driving;
  • You live in (the vicinity of) Eindhoven;
  • You are a real team player;
  • You are available between 12 and 24 hours a week (driving in the evenings takes place between 17:00 and 23:00);
  • You can work independently;
  • Any experience in driving larger delivery vans is an advantage.

About the company

Red je Pakketje represents the generation of Think different, I'm lovin' it and Just do it. A critical generation that wants to improve the world, but at the same time is also out for convenience. That is why Red je Pakketje always puts the consumer first. They make all their decisions based on this principle. Is it good for the consumer? Then they make it happen.
You can work at Red je Pakketje through the best employment agency in Eindhoven, ASA Talent! We specialize in jobs for students and young professionals. Our passion is to help everyone find a great job, so you can do what works for you! That is why we are happy to look together at what the possibilities are for you.
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What we offer

  • Career opportunities to first driver, team leader and HUB Manager;
  • A varied work environment;
  • A nice salary of €11.80 per hour;
  • A lot of responsibility and liability;
  • Tips you can earn while delivering packages;
  • A contract for a definite period of time (contract voor bepaalde tijd);
  • The choice to get paid weekly or 4-weekly.

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ASA Eindhoven
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Frequently asked questions

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You are more than welcome at our office in Venlo, where our recruiters can talk to you in either Dutch, English, German and/or Polish.
If you work via Start People it is possible to, I some cases,  use one of our collective health insurance policies. However, if you want to stay in The Netherlands for a longer period of time, we advise you to arrange health insurance yourself.  
Some companies we work with only offer day shifts, but the most companies offer several shifts (morning-, day and night shifts). It is often not possible to work structurally in one specific shift.
Unfortunately, one of these three languages is required to find a job via Start People. It is important that you can communicate with our colleagues and your manager at work.
Yes, you can choose between a weekly or a 4-weekly payment of your salary.
If you want to work in The Netherlands, you should be able to arrage your own transportation. Also, traveling together with other people is not preferred due to the flexibility you need for several jobs. 
Unfortunately, Start People does not offer housing. If you wish to work for Start People, you need to arrange housing in the Netherlands or in the Dutch border area.

If you have the intention to stay in the Netherlands for more than four months, you must register in the personal records database of the city you live in. To do this, go to the town hall of the city where you are going to live. You will then receive a citizen service number (BSN). With this number, your employer can register you, for example, at the Tax Authorities/ Doctors, hospitals and pharmacies can also ask you for your BSN. For more information, visit the website of the City where you live or visit

If you intend to stay in the Netherlands for less than four months, registration in to the personal record database is not obligated. If you still want a citizen service number, you must register in the personal record database of the city you live in. 

We can help you make an appointment to get your BSN number, but you must go to the appointment yourself. 
You need a valid ID, BSN number on an original document from either the Tax Authorities or City (Hall) you are registered in, and a European bank account number (IBAN) in your name.
In The Netherlands, it is not allowed to charge money for job placement services. Therefore, our services are free.