Production emoloyee food industrie

  • Tilburg
  • Overig
  • Salary indication €10.61-14.32
  • 38 Hours per week
  • Fulltime
  • #1AV0051069

About the job

We are looking for production employee's for our client Van Geloven in Tilburg. You are going to produce and pack in the tastiest snacks of Netherlands! The factory of Van Geloven in Tilburg making the best bitterballen, croquettes, spring rolls and chicken satay.

What are you going to do?

  • Depending on the departament, you are going to be responsible for production or packing of the snacks;
  • You receive training so that you can work independently and know what the hygiene and safety regulations mean;
  • As a production employee you ensure that the raw materials for the preparation of the snacks are mixed in the right proportions, you supervise the production process and ensure that the trays with meat are stored in the right place. You can work accurately and at a fast pace;
  • As a packing employee you are mainly concerned with packing snacks and quality control, stacking boxes and preparing them for shipment. You ensure that your workplace is left clean and tidy when you have finished working. Many activities can be performed in a sitting position;

You work in a 3-shift system from Monday to Friday! You are free on weekends and holidays. This can be either full-time or part-time. Work in only 1 shift is not possible.

Job requirements

  • Preferably you have experience within the dynamic production environment or logistics;
  • You speak English or Dutch;
  • You are willing to learn Dutch if you want to grow within the company;
  • You are physically fit and able to perform manual work;
  • You are available for work in 3 shifts;
  • Saturday and Sunday are free, as are all Dutch public holidays;
  • We are looking for serious candidates with a positive attitude, who are looking for long-term employment and a permanent job;
  • You must be able to come to the workplace yourself;
  • Wearing visible piercings, gel/fake nails and make-up is not allowed due to hygiene regulations;
  • Start People does not offer housing, you must have your own place of residence and live in the close area of Tilburg (max. 30 km one way).

About the company

Van Geloven has been a cozy and burgundian company for more than 50 years. They are proud market leader in the field of snacks in the Benelux and part of McCain. 70% of all snacks sold in the Netherlands are produced in one of their six factories. Usually we are always looking for new employees to be able to continue to achieve those results ! Working at Van Geloven means passion for snacks and a safe and informal atmosphere.

What we offer

  • After 4 weeks of work €11,44. Starting wage during the first 4 weeks - €10.61 gross per hour excluding allowances (33% and 35% in the evenings);
  • €11.90 gross after 6 months;
  • Work in three shifts - after 26 worked weeks pension accrual via Stipp;
  • Travel allowances from 10 km;
  • You speak Dutch and/or English;
  • Knowledge of quality and hygiene and safety;
  • You can choose between weekly and four-weekly payouts;
  • Within 6 weeks you can register for a HACCP course and obtain an official certificate!
  • 25 vacation days per year based on 40 hours;
  • 8.33% surcharge for holiday pay;
  • A job in 3 shifts;
  • A close-knit team with fun and motivated colleagues, informal working atmosphere;
  • Opportunities for advancement to, for example, operator;

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we are a member of ABU: the branch organization of the temporary employment sector. This organization guarantees that its members act according to the Dutch law. 
You are more than welcome at our office in Venlo, where our recruiters can talk to you in either Dutch, English, German and/or Polish.
If you work via Start People it is possible to, I some cases,  use one of our collective health insurance policies. However, if you want to stay in The Netherlands for a longer period of time, we advise you to arrange health insurance yourself.  
Some companies we work with only offer day shifts, but the most companies offer several shifts (morning-, day and night shifts). It is often not possible to work structurally in one specific shift.
Unfortunately, one of these three languages is required to find a job via Start People. It is important that you can communicate with our colleagues and your manager at work.
Yes, you can choose between a weekly or a 4-weekly payment of your salary.
If you want to work in The Netherlands, you should be able to arrage your own transportation. Also, traveling together with other people is not preferred due to the flexibility you need for several jobs. 
Unfortunately, Start People does not offer housing. If you wish to work for Start People, you need to arrange housing in the Netherlands or in the Dutch border area.

If you have the intention to stay in the Netherlands for more than four months, you must register in the personal records database of the city you live in. To do this, go to the town hall of the city where you are going to live. You will then receive a citizen service number (BSN). With this number, your employer can register you, for example, at the Tax Authorities/ Doctors, hospitals and pharmacies can also ask you for your BSN. For more information, visit the website of the City where you live or visit

If you intend to stay in the Netherlands for less than four months, registration in to the personal record database is not obligated. If you still want a citizen service number, you must register in the personal record database of the city you live in. 

We can help you make an appointment to get your BSN number, but you must go to the appointment yourself. 
You need a valid ID, BSN number on an original document from either the Tax Authorities or City (Hall) you are registered in, and a European bank account number (IBAN) in your name.
In The Netherlands, it is not allowed to charge money for job placement services. Therefore, our services are free.