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Finding the most suitable candidate for the job requires specific knowledge and experience. Start People International Recruitment has this knowledge and has been engaged in recruiting, selecting and mediating labor migrants and German and Belgian cross-border workers since 1999.

Coaching and training

We invest in our employees and ensure that they are commited. We do this, among other things, by coaching, on-boarding programs and training (language, culture) for both our own employees and employees of our client.


Guiding companies 

Together, we look at what conditions are needed to permanently commit migrant- and cross-border workers. Aslo, we look at how we can organize your business operations in a future proof manner through the strategic deployment of our personnel. 

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vision on work ir    
  Vision on work

Work gives value. This applies to both the candidate and the employer. Start People stands for good employment and excellent conditions. Fair wages and a job that matches the qualifications and, if possible, wishes of the employee. 

Changing labor market ir    
  Changing labour market 

In a rapidly changing and aging labor market, we see an increasing scarcity of motivated and qualified employees. This gives the labor market an increasingly international character due to a large increase in international labor mobility. 

Warm welcome IR    
  Warm welcome to The Netherlands

In this hectic labor market, Start People International Recruitment and its clients ensure that the labor migrant receives a warm welcome and feels at home in the Netherlands. 

Start People International Recruitment will help you further

In a rapidly changing labor market with continued economic growth, it is becoming more and more difficult to find qualified and motivated employees. Due to the increase in scarcity, demand and an increasingly tight labor market, it is very important to find the right candidate and try to keep the right people. We will gladly think along about how to make your company futureproof through strategic use of labor- and cross-border workers.

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