The website of Start People uses cookies. Cookies are small information files that a website installs on the hardware (e.g. a computer or smartphone) of you as the user. The term ‘cookies’ as used in this statement also includes ‘local storage’ and similar technologies. Below you will find further information on the cookies that we use.

If and to the extent that cookies also process personal data, such personal data will be governed by the effect of the privacy provisions applicable to the use of the website and our services. For the protection of the personal data please refer to the Privacy Statement. Types of Cookies

A. Functional Cookies
These are cookies that are necessary for the proper performance of the website and for us to provide a requested service. These cookies are used to save certain user and preference settings, as well as login details, and to simplify and optimize the use of the website. In addition, these cookies are used to trace abuse of the website.

An example is ‘local storage’. The website uses local storage in the browser to save data temporarily. This expedites the display of pages, provides information as to whether a user is logged in, and facilitates the display of the same page to the user when logging in again after expiry of the user session. This information may include the user’s name.

B. Analytical Cookies
These cookies are used to collect information about the use of the website. In this respect we use, inter alia, the Google Analytics software. This software measures the number of users that visit the website, the time of visits to the website and web pages, the region from which the internet user visits the website, the website from which the user linked onto the website, the pages that are viewed (and the duration and frequency of those views) and in what order, and/or whether any error reports have occurred. The data collected are used for purposes of improvement of our service and optimum personalization of the content of the website to the users’ wishes and needs.

An example are ‘Affiliate cookies’. These cookies are used to track which advertisement leads to the purchase of a certain product or service, so that the party displaying the advertisement (the affiliate) can, for example, be remunerated by the advertiser.

Another example are ‘A/B testing cookies’. These cookies are used, for example, to trace which version of the website is most attractive to the users.

Google Analytics: The settings of the Google Analytics cookies are privacy-friendly. A processor’s agreement has been entered into with Google, the last octet of the IP address has been masked, “share data” has been disabled, and no other Google services are used in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.

C. Tracking cookiesTracking cookies are cookies that collect data about the (internet) behaviour of the users of the website (profiling). These tracking cookies are used for the purpose of optimization of the user’s experience of our website. For example, these cookies are used to record information about the visit, so that relevant information can be used if the user returns to the website, for example, by filling in forms or offering advertisements or job openings in advance that match the user’s (search) profile.

An example are ‘Social media cookies’. Information on the website may be shared on social media using the social media buttons on the website. These buttons are operated on the basis of social media cookies that have been installed by the social media third parties (including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). By clicking a social media button, you will be linked onto the website of the relevant social media third party. For the use of the cookies of the social media parties, please refer to the relevant information on the websites of such social media parties. This information may be changed on a regular basis beyond our control.

An example are ‘Social plug-in tracking cookies’. These are cookies that are created by the mere presence of one or more social media buttons on the website, even if the option to link onto the website of the relevant third party is not actually used.

Below is a summary of the cookies that we use for the website of

Cookie nameTypePurpose and descriptionRetention period
_gatBA Google Analytics-cookie which is used to provide insight in the behavior of website visitors. The collected information is used to improve the level of service and to optimize the content of the website to the wishes and needs of the website visitors.10 minutes
_gaBA Google Analytics-cookie which is used to provide insight in the behavior of website visitors. The collected information is used to improve the level of service and to optimize the content of the website to the wishes and needs of the website visitors.2 years

References and links
This website contains references and/or links to one or more third-party websites, which may also use cookies. We do not have any control over the cookies that are installed on these websites and recommend that you review the privacy statement/cookie statement of the relevant website for information.

No cookies or removal of cookies
You may use your browser settings to indicate that you do not, or no longer, wish cookies to be installed on your hardware. Doing so may affect the possibilities and the performance of the website.

Most cookies have an expiry date, so that they will automatically expire after a certain period of time and no longer register any data. You may, however, also opt to remove the cookies manually before their expiry date using your own browser. To that end, please refer to your browser’s manual.

The cookies that track your password, login names and other preferences may also be enabled or disabled in your browser settings.

Should you have any questions about this cookie statement, please send an email We endeavour to respond to any questions and/or remarks within four weeks of receipt.